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Steve Bushill Joins the KnowledgeWorkx Team

We are all thrilled to announce that Steve Bushill is joining us here at KnowledgeWorkx as a Senior Consultant.

Steve was born in the UK but has always been fascinated by different cultures and how they communicate. This sparked an interest in travel and living abroad and eventually in him teaching his first language, English in different countries across Asia and the Middle East. During this time, he built up a wide range of experience, teaching in corporate and educational situations ranging from small private schools to large state universities. He also built up his qualifications from the Cambridge CELTA to the Cambridge DELTA and finally to the MA TEFL from Reading University in the UK.

Steve then settled in Dubai working at the Higher Colleges of Technology. During the next twenty years, he worked on teams that helped train thousands of young Emirati women to find their workplace in the ever-changing multicultural economy of Dubai. To achieve this they built task-based, blended learning opportunities on one of the most advanced educational platforms in the region. Many HCT faculty also came here to KnowledgeWorkx at that time for training. Steve received his Certificate of Accreditation in 2012 and became a certified ICI Practitioner with KnowledgeWorkx a year later.

After that, he helped build and teach many courses at HCT based on KnowledgeWorkx materials and hundreds of students have felt the benefit of that as they interact each day on multicultural teams in workplaces around the UAE.

It is perhaps not surprising then, given his keen interest and practical experience of KnowledgeWorkx materials, and the growing interest from many educational institutions in these materials, that Steve now joins us full time as a Senior Consultant to help the team meet this demand and make a difference for others all around the world.

Finally, there are always plenty of opportunities for Steve to make a difference with ICI at home too, as his wife is from Sumatra, his daughter was born on Java, and his son was born and grew up in Dubai… the learning never stops!

Welcome aboard, Steve!

Read more about the KnowledgeWorkx' ICI Framework that had such an impact on Steve here


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