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The Inter-Cultural Critical Incident Analysis Report is Added to the ICI Certification

Reflection is powerful tool to develop lasting change. So, at KnowledgeWorkx we have added a new reflection tool to our ICI Certification. The Inter-Cultural Critical Incident Analysis Report (ICCIA) is a way to reflect after the fact on a positive or negative intercultural experience. The ICCIA creates a report documenting practitioners’ progress from the beginning of the learning journey to the end.

The ICCIA gives practitioners a structured way to reflect. It contains four reflection points for ICI practitioners using questions provided by KnowledgeWorkx. These questions are specifically structured to help practitioners reflect on culturally different situations they have encountered and learn how to improve on those situations. These four reflections will happen over a period of three months so practitioners can compare their experiences from their first session to their last.

The questions will reflect upon considerations like: How did the situation impact other people involved, how did practitioners use the ICI framework to observe and resolve, and how/what could be done differently next time to improve the outcome. Throughout the process, practitioners develop the ability to actively reflect on these questions in the midst of those critical moments. The ICCIA is an integrated tool in the learning journeys of ICI participants.

For the Culture in the Classroom program, taught by Shelley Reinhart, there will be one ICCIA at the beginning and one at the end of the course.

The ICCIA is a beneficial addition to the ICI course, fostering discussion between participants and enhancing the learning. To learn more about the ICI certification and what KnowledgeWorkx does, go to The next ICI certification begins on September 12, 2022. Sign up for it here.


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