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The International Business of Music with Iain Wilson

Updated: May 25, 2023

Iain Wilson CEO of IBC Music on the Unlocking Cultural Agility Podcast

How did a small team from Northern Ireland create a world-renowned service and build up an international clientele winning multiple national and global awards for their excellence?

Find out as Marco talks with Iain Wilson the CEO of IBC- Music and a Certified Inter-Cultural Intelligence Practitioner.

IBC-Music specializes in helping international musical instrument brands find manufacturing and distribution partners across the world. Just last month, IBC Music won The King’s Award for Enterprise, the most prestigious business award in the UK. It is one of only 148 organizations to be recognized.

On top of that, IBC helped one of its Canadian customers, Riversong Guitars, win the prestigious MMR Dealers' Choice Award for Acoustic Guitar of the year in 2022. IBC was the sourcing agent for the River Pacific P2P acoustic guitar, helping it beat leading international guitar brands.

You can reach out to Iain at and learn more about what IBC Music does at:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to build and manage business relationships across the globe

  • How the international music industry works and the significant role relationships play in it.

  • The power of connecting people and the way IBC-Music has become so successful at it.

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