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The New KnowledgeWorkx Website

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

At the start of 2021, KnowledgeWorkx completely renovated our old website to make our customer experience much more human-centered. The new website makes it easy for our visitors to see if KnowledgeWorkx solutions are right for them.

In 2020, when COVID-19 changed our world, KnowledgeWorkx had to adapt how we delivered our product and engaged with our clients, because their needs had changed as well. With all this change, our old website structure was struggling to encompass the new work we were doing. So, we decided it was time to go back to the drawing board and create a completely new website that maintains a unified voice and connects to our visitors in a human manner, while transparently and concisely helping them understand our solutions.

What Changed?

In designing this new website, our core goal was to connect with our audience as people. On the subject, our International Director, Marco Blankenburgh, shared, “To put our clients at the center, we applied the methodology of Donald Miller’s Story Brand; we highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve the way they connect to clients.” Practically, that resulted in a focus on four paths that enable visitors to decide if we can help them resolve the challenges they are facing. These paths are : what we deliver, how we deliver it, time commitment and budget.

In the world of learning development and coaching, it is common to withhold program content and pricing details until a personal conversation has started. However, we have found in the intercultural space that people do not like being surprised by the program content or cost of solutions. So, we decided to change our website to be completely transparent and upfront about these things. Now we have a "Design your own learning journey" page that tells customers exactly how much each module costs and exactly how long it takes. We wanted to make sure that we don’t waste your time by withholding crucial information.

From KnowledgeWorkx inception, we committed to generously sharing our insights and thought leadership. We have continued to embed them into our new website in the form of articles that are relevant long after they were published; anyone picking up these articles even years later can still glean wisdom from them.

We have also launched a dedicated website for intercultural resources at where our community can access articles, videos, and book recommendations.

“With the refocused architecture and the fresh and playful, professional color palette, we hope our visitors feel welcomed by the KnowledgeWorkx team both as humans and professionals,” says Marco Blankenburgh on the launch of the new website.


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