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Bringing Intercultural Agility into the Classroom

Updated: Jul 10

Yasemine Atlas and Victoria Hopkin on the Unlocking Cultural Agility Podcast

How can teachers create a cultural space in their classrooms where students of all backgrounds can thrive?

Listen as Shelley Reinhart, KnowledgeWorkx Director of Education, unpacks this question with educators and Ph.D. students Yasemin Altas and Victoria Hopkin.

Yasemin has been teaching at universities for nearly three decades. She is a faculty member teaching intercultural studies at the Higher Colleges of Technology, in the UAE. She has a Master's in Management in Education, is a trained Celta Teacher Trainer, and has been involved in projects with the Ministry of Education. She is currently working on a Ph.D. in Education with a focus on intercultural studies.

Victoria is a teacher, school leader, coach, and educational researcher with a passion for cultural agility. As a trained and experienced intercultural coach, Victoria's Ph.D. research focuses on cultivating environments that are inclusive and culturally adaptive.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to create a culturally agile classroom charter with your students.

  • How to bring out the unique gifts that Third Culture Kids add to your classroom.

  • How to understand and teach your students about their own unique cultural wiring.

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