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Exploring the Depths of Trust on Teams

What is trust? What causes it to erode? How can a team build a resilient culture of trust?

In 2022, Gallup ran a poll and released statistics revealing that up to 70% of employees would leave their job if they could. Much of that dissatisfaction is rooted in distrust. A lack of trust creates misunderstanding and a breakdown in collaboration. Work culture turns toxic, resulting in a traumatized workforce.

In this episode, Shelley Reinhart, KnowledgeWorkx’s Global Liaison, and Marco Blankenburgh, International Director of KnowledgeWorkx, dive deep into what it means to trust, and they identify practical ways to begin building trust in your workplace and on your teams.

You can start your team on a high-performing intercultural team journey to help build a resilient culture of trust here.

In this episode, you will learn

  • The fastest way to destroy trust on teams.

  • How to build relational capital on your team so the culture of trust will be resilient.

  • How to connect performance to purpose on your team.


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