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Global Leadership — How to Become a Culturally Agile Leader

Whether it's leading staff living around the world, navigating different cultural and personal workstyles, or working on teams across borders — leading globally keeps becoming more complex. Global leaders must guide their teams through local and regional instabilities, drastic industry changes, political upheaval, protests and strikes, and many other turbulent surprises.

In this episode, Marco and Shelley walk through the things global leaders need to succeed in today's world. They explore the one thing that holds back global leaders that want to be culturally agile as well as practical tips for how you can start becoming a culturally agile leader.

You can spot culturally agile leaders in three ways:

  1. They navigate complexity with agility.

  2. They build cultures of high trust, inclusivity, and belonging.

  3. They keep their employees by creating a team culture of collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to make your intercultural team come alive.

  • The difference between global leadership and actually being culturally agile

  • The pitfalls leaders fall into when leading in a global context and how to avoid them.

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