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Unveiling the Cultural Mapping Inventory (CMi) Group Report

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

The Cultural Mapping Inventory (CMi) is a powerful tool developed to assist people with a detailed framework that explains behaviour from a cultural perspective. It is also often used with teams to help shed light on their team culture and group dynamics.

Until recently, the Cultural Mapping Inventory (CMI) group insights were available only as a single page graph, but now we have created a powerful group report to be used in team and group coaching! The new 9-page Group Report incorporates group insights and analyses of internal and external group dynamics to create a comprehensive document to guide group development towards Cultural Agility.

This report, along with the Three Colors of Worldview Group Report, provides the framework for a group’s journey of cultural growth and ends with a call toward practical, actionable change. In this journey, participants begin by exploring their personal cultural preferences after which they dive into their group’s cultural preferences and dynamics.

The CMi group report creates a rich conversation through its questions and reflective activities. It guides the group through 2 phases:

1. Exploring the Internal group dynamics- The team examines where they fall on the dimensions to better understand how they fit together as a team.

This involves questions like: i) “What stands out to you in this report?” ii) “What does that do to the team?” and iii) “How can these insights help us to redesign our workflow?”

2. Exploring the External group dynamics- The team starts by creating a stakeholder map of the key external partners and clients they work with. Then they examine how their internal group preferences might affect those key stakeholder groups.

Here they ask questions like: i) “Where do we need to become more agile?” ii) “Where do we need to stretch?” iii) “Where do we need to shuffle things around to help people work in their strengths when engaging these stakeholders?”

If you are interested in receiving a sample report of the new Cultural Mapping inventory group report, email:


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