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Intercultural Teams with Linda Berlot- A KnowledgeWorkx Podcast

Updated: Jul 10

Unlocking Cultural Agility with Marco Blankenburgh presents Intercultural Teams with Linda Berlot:

Dive in with Linda Berlot— Entrepreneur, Executive, and Certified Team Coach. Listen as she shares her story as a uniquely wired cultural human being. They will not just talk about the “what” of differences, but will go deeper and explore the “why.”

Linda is the owner of an International Team Coaching Practice and an ICF accredited coach training school that provides professional and personal development for multicultural executives in the field of team dynamics and change management.

You will learn about:

  • Creating a third cultural space.

  • Looking at culture from an individual perspective versus a national perspective.

  • Cultural and system dynamics on teams.

  • Self-Cultural Analysis

Get in touch with Linda Berlot at

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